Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

I’m very grateful to be able to preform my hypnosis shows from North America to India and everywhere in between. Thank you.

Recently I had the opportunity to preform aboard a cruise ship, theres nothing quite like it.

Having 2000 passengers to preform for in a beautiful theatre that accommodates approximately 800 people per show, with great lighting and crisp clear sound, the stage is set, a big introduction and it’s on with the show.

With a stage full of excited volunteers, you can just feel the energy emanating from them, they’re ready to go and have some fun, as we get underway to carry 20 + people into a world of dreams and imagination where anything and everything becomes possible, from riding a roller-coaster to catching a huge fish, and watch it leap from the waters of the mind.

Needless to say all the shows went extremely well, and for a few days after you feel like a star, (no, not an ego trip) but when you have people wanting to take pictures with you, invite you to dinner telling you how much fun they had, and asking for more shows…. well it does feel pretty good.

I very much enjoy what I do,whether it’s performing on stage for a large audience or working at home in my private practice, it’s always enjoyable and satisfying for me to show people the many perks the subconscious mind has to offer.

Be well.
Gavin Hooper
“Master of Imagination”

2 Responses

  1. I was in this show, thanks Gavin what a fun time.
    I’d recommend you to anyone. I’ve seen other hypnotists and you can tell the difference between a professional like yourself and someone who paid for a week long course. Everyone said they felt as if you were a friend.

    All the best

    Al from Houston

  2. yh love hypnotists, they create such a great atmosphere for everyone. i once saw a comedy hypnotist and it was hilarious, he made hypnotism funny, which is hard to do seeming as it is a very serious subject.

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