Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

Hello, everyone. It’s been a while since my last blog post.
I wanted to dive into a fascinating topic; it may even change how you see your world. Have you ever thought about becoming a hypnotist? Why not? Most of you use hypnosis every day anyway, without even realizing it. It sounds like B.S., right, or some kind of joke, but it’s not. Stick with me and read on, and you’ll see you’re already a Hypnotist.

As a corporate comedy hypnotist, I’ve seen and created my share of hypnotic states, and you’d be surprised how easily people slip into them without even realizing it.

Let’s start by clearing up a myth. Hypnosis isn’t just about putting people in a trance and having them bark like dogs or act silly on stage. At its core, hypnosis is about magnifying your concentration and enhancing your responses to suggestions. When you think about it, we experience many states of hypnosis daily.
Hypnotic states, or trances, happen while watching TV or while losing yourself in a good book. Your attention is focused on the story, and the world just kind of blurs all around you, and you have emotional responses to the narrative. Those are all hallmarks of hypnosis. On stage, the hypnotist becomes a storyteller and gently guides your imagination and your emotions to create fun skits that allow the outside world to blur around you. Makes sense?
The way we communicate with people is a hypnotic tool. Think about this. If you offer someone a compliment or encouragement, your words will likely change their mood, perception (feelings), and behaviour for a time.
That’s the power of suggestion. Your parents used it when you were children, teachers used it with their students, and politicians and leaders used it to influence your decisions. Effective communication can motivate, inspire, and transform people’s lives.
Routines are Hypnotic.
Yours and mine have many routines and specific rituals with robust hypnotic quality.
Have you ever said, “I’ve got to have my coffee in the morning,” or  I must  have a meditation before starting my day? Do you have to work out before doing anything else? What do you do to get yourself ramped up for the day? You too have a routine or ritual.

These things bring about a profoundly focused state of mind and openness to suggestions.
Have you ever been out for a morning walk or run, maybe even just having a coffee, and found a fantastic solution to a problem, perhaps just a flash of inspiration? ( act on it)

That is, your unconscious or subconscious mind operating  at a different state or level than your conscious mind, where the volume of the external world is turned down, and your unconscious becomes more accessible.

We all can feel and share feelings with others. This is called empathy, and it’s one of the most profound tools in our hypnotic tool belts.

In times of empathy, we link up with the emotional states of others influencing and being influenced.
This occurs in the unconscious part of us when barriers are down, and our minds are open.

I am positive you have felt this or experienced this at least a few times. So, how does this translate into you being a hypnotist?  Well, I believe you’re starting to understand that there’s a hypnotist in everyone, including yourself.

Hypnosis is not about mastering any control of the mind. It’s simply about understanding how powerful focused attention, empathy, and suggestibility interact within our lives daily.  By becoming more aware of these things it can enhance your ability to communicate, strengthen relationships, and even improve self-confidence and motivation.

As a professional corporate comedy hypnotist and speaker, my goal is to educate and entertain people, not so much with my talent as by teaching others that they have the innate ability to create miracles within themselves.
To show others how to recognize hypnosis and how best to use it for themselves.

Choose the words you use with yourself wisely.  If you’ve told yourself you can or can’t often enough, with emotion and belief, you’re right.

Congratulations—you’re a hypnotist. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.
Gavin Hooper.

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