Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper
 Tony @  24 Hr Relay- Sound Guy #1 

I just came back from putting on my comedy hypnosis show in the interior of B.C including one for the Boys and Girls club 24 hour relay for the second year in a row.

There are some really amazing people there, I met a 7 year old boy who wanted to help out and did so by completing 100 full laps himself which raised a good amount of $$ for the cause (Easter Seals) a special thanks to Miriam from the Boys and Girls Club for inviting me to perform, and thanks much to the sound professionals Tony & Adam for making me sound so good up there.

“High Voltage”
Great Band @ the relay

If you are looking for a very cool rocking band to get things going “High Voltage” does a fantastic job with AC/DC tunes, it left me asking, “was that real or Memorex?”

I’m looking forward to next years 24 HR Relay.

This is an event that raises money for the Easter Seals, which in turn helps so many other people.

Adam- Sound Guy #2 

Join in the fun and festivities next year, get yourself a team together and have a blast. While you’re there, grab a cold beer and maybe make a few new friends, who knows maybe I’ll see you there.

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