Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

I had a visit from a friend last week, who was in town on some personal business.  This was a great opportunity for us to catch up on a few things in person. Although our visit was short, we were able to enjoy a nice meal, have a few laughs together and then go for a much needed walk after dinner. I was able to show him around town a little, and chat about Hypnosis.

Yes we are in the same business, “Stage Hypnosis” Although we don’t always agree on the hows and whys of hypnosis, being able to call each other to ask questions, and not worry about the B.S that goes around in the entertainment world is what makes our friendship unique.

Even though he’s my competition; and we both vie for some of the same gigs on occasion, we also help each other out by bouncing ideas, skits  and suggestions off each other giving us both the opportunity to see each other’s perspectives; and the opportunity to see another way of doing things,  a sounding board if you will.  In the entertainment world (well anywhere) it’s good to have people in your field that want to do well, and see you do well too.

Life is what we make it, How we perceive it, and what we do with that information.
(Gavin Hooper)

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