Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper
Everyone has a different idea or perception of what hypnosis is.  As a professional hypnotist (CMH) I’ve helped plenty of people overcome some of life’s challenges such as shedding unwanted  pounds or taking that flight without fear for the first time. Helping people is in my nature and I’ll continue to do so, but I’m talking about Stage Hypnosis shows. One friend said I go to slow, from walking onto the stage to performing the first skit.  Another says it’s a good pace and funny but I need more flash in the beginning. That’s one of the challanges with training people, they all become critics once they have 20 or 30 shows under their belt. LOL, but I take it all in stride. 

My show

hypnosis critic mine entertainer fun companyMy hypnosis show is just that; Mine. I do as I please and who is to say what’s fast or slow as long as your audience and volunteers enjoy it.   Rapid hypnotic inductions (see clips on my site) although I can do them and they look kinda cool, I achieve a deeper level of hypnosis and feeling of connection with everyone both on and off stage, as a result I have a much better show that everyone can enjoy. I find it helps the volunteers to reach a somnambulistic state a tad easier going through a group induction rather than a quick shocked state where I have to repeat suggestions for depth etc ( well a few more times anyway and once you see 2 or 3 people dropped or shocked into hypnosis thats enough, but to go on and on with everyone takes time and gets dull for the audince. People seem to have a very short attention span these days no matter what is going on.  I’ll bet not many people haven’t made it to this point in post. See what I mean lol… if you have good for you.


It’s not about speed for me, it’s about being entertaining, being a showman, building anticipation, then maybe one shock induction before working with the group is fine and kinda fun too. So for me the bottom line is, go at whatever pace you like.  I prefer a good steady pace, with a stage induction that’s visual, have something going on at all times for the audinace.  Do this and you’ll have a great show too. I can tell you what I have noticed from working on cruise ships,performing at product launches all over India and years of hypnotizing people at State fairs, Canadian exhibitions, High schools and Universities is that I don’t have many people walkout, or playing on their phones.  While I’m getting people into hypnosis I do my best to make it enjoyable to watch from the audince.  My show moves at a good steady pace and I’m a very funny guy. I entertain everyone on stage and in the audience which is the goal. So to those who have borrowed skits from my show then called my show slow, claimed they didn’t enjoy it, or that it could be better, faster, etc.  (theres always room for improvement)    I say “do your show your way, I will do my show my way”.  When you have companies, fairs, schools, and groups book you over and over, year after year; let me know, Then maybe I’ll decide to speed up, incorporate more rapid induction (AKA street hypnosis) and take all the comments to heart.  Until then, remember this; Every moment you spend being crital is just one minute of your life you’ve missed out on being happy.  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ve enjoyed my site. A good friend gave me the best advice he told me “Every show is a good show” and if you understand that line you’re way ahead of the game. Happy Entertaining.😀

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