Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

Hypnosis is something we are all affected by everyday. There’s no escape from the constant bombardment of newspapers, television and other people who have seen or read something and can’t wait to share it. We use social media like “FaceBook” and “Twitter” to share the same old stories. Many of us have turned off our imagination. This is where so many including myself to a degree; lose out on some absolutely amazing things.

As a stage hypnotist, I use my imagination, I’m a leader on stage, I offer suggestions to volunteers that engage their imagination, creating positive feelings and thoughts, but I’ve not used my imagination to create any True Miracles.

Remember all those times in school looking up at the lights or out a window, thinking when will I ever use this stuff? Me too, sometimes now I wish I had paid more attention, as clearly this man Hugh Herr and his team have done. Ever hear of the new Bionics? No not the Bionic man…(well maybe)?

Follow the link below and prepare to be blown away by the dream to reality journey of a clearly brilliant man.

This is only one example of where maths and sciences can truly lead , when directed by the passion of a visionary.

And what is passion?

Passion is the most powerful and impactful form of self-hypnosis you and everyone else can practice freely and without limitation. No hypnosis license required. Only a powerful imagination, and the ability to recognize your deepest desires, not as impossibilities, but as future facts. And allow the built in mechanisms of the mind to mesmerize, hypnotize and direct you along an unerring path to your desired future.

Most of us may need a little practice, but IMAGINE the outcome!

Nothing in this Blog or video link is blown up, shot, or dies, but I hope you’ll still take a few moments to watch and leave your comments on my Blog post.


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