Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

Recently I have spoken with several medium to large size companies (Owners & Managers) who said that they don’t have Christmas parties with music and or live entertainment for their employees, because they don’t want one. When I asked about the companies turn over rate I was told it was “Average” what ever that might be.

Oddly companies who have hired me and or other forms of entertainment for office parties have a much lower turn over rate. (below average) Just from the little digging I’ve done on the subject, (again speaking with Owners and Manager who do have events / parties as well as searching the Internet)  it seems that many experts agree, office parties provide a good shot of morale whether its a paid for lunch, or a full blown evening of fun, with a comedy hypnotist and or some dancing.

So it would seem that by booking me now for your office event will not only provide a fun memorable night of entertainment but it could save the company time and money from having to hire and train new people. Just a thought… Holiday dates fill very quickly.

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