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Hypnosis Robbery Has Russian Police Entranced; Mystical Mischief or Simple Stupidity?

Now here is a funny article that caught my eye! Did it catch yours? 

What struck me as funny about this article was not so much the headline, but rather the NY hypnotists remarks in the article. She was claiming that the Teller who gave up the money, was either in on the robbery, or must be stupid & easily confused by what the “Robber hypnotist” did. (well she mentioned the teller could have been new too)

I agree, the chances of a Hypnotist going into a financial institution, offering up suggestions for a teller to hand over the money in 3 minutes or less, using only hypnosis; is highly unlikely, but I’ve learned not to use the word Impossible.

I’m sure that someone who is extremely skilled in NLP, or other rapid hypnotic technique, could accomplish this to one degree or another, unlikely yes; impossible? I’ll reserve judgment on that, since I don’t know how skilled every hypnotist / NLP practitioner out there is. (I’m very good at hypnotizing people…just not Bank Robber good.)  lol.

Make no mistake, this type of headline/article is all about selling news papers, and could very well do some harm to legitimate hypnotists & therapists who practice hypnosis; due to the lack of understanding and knowledge about the subject.

Below is a link to the article, have a read; come to your own conclusions and hold your own opinions, it’s your life, your entitled.

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