Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

Television would be much more useful tool if it were designed to spread positive thoughts & ideas, but that’s not how it’s used. Spike recently aired a show called “Conceal and Carry” a gun show aimed at protecting yourself from the bad guys. Every commercial was, guns, cheap ammo and where to get them.

The don’t be a victim message (a scare tactic used by many advertisers) was pounded in to the viewers who were entranced by the multi coloured flickering and soft glow of the TV, with big Red letters and loud dark music (very dramatic) which only inspires more fear. (notice how you were drawn to the red letters)

The show gave an example of a woman who was attacked while on a Cruise once, it’s unfortunate to be sure; however after that she took a handgun course, now she feels safe? Pop quiz You know you can’t bring guns on a Cruise, or to other countries right? just checking.

When will we wake up and realize that hate, fear and worry only brings more of the same?

So by focusing on more pleasant and enjoyable things, like how funny the comedy or hypnosis show was,  how fortunate you are to have love your life, or that  you live indoors, have food, etc, you create a world of “positive possibilities” but when your focused on negative or scary “what if scenarios” you lock your mind into a limiting space.

Positive + or Negative – either way, you’ll find the things you seek.

Hundreds of aeroplanes land safely every hour, and  millions of people live their entire lives untouched by crime, terrorism etc.  Weird hey… they don’t focus on it, and it never shows up.. Hmmm.

So my wife and I bought “Sony play station move” where we play games such as tennis and volleyball which brings about much laughter and some fun conversation, leaving the 40″ Hypnotic Trance Inducer and it’s poor messages to its own device.

Life is Good!

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  1. So true TV is dull and boring same thing everyday car chases and more violence. There is a lot of greatness we could be focused on, why can only a few people see that?


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