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So you’re looking for a Hypnotist?

Socrates gave advice; and they killed him!

As an international entertainer I’ve performed all over the world, and when I’m finished a show I go out to meet and chat with some of the people. I’m asked a lot of questions. The most common question being “how do I find a good hypnotist in my area”?

If you’ve read my website, you already know I started out as a clinical hypnotist helping people overcome challenges long before I took to the stage. So, after 20 years in the business I feel qualified to help you by offering knowledge and support in this area. I don’t give advice; Socrates gave advice and they killed him for it (lol). So support it is.

The best way to find a good hypnotist is to be referred to one by someone you know and trust, that has worked with him or her successfully.

If this isn’t likely, make a few calls to local hypnotists to ask them some questions. If you feel good about the answers, go ahead and set up a consultation/session with this person. Your questions should be specifically about what you’re hoping to accomplish, and should be worded clearly. The answers you get back should be just as clear… not full of terms you don’t understand or should have to understand. I strongly recommend you don’t make the first question “what do you charge?” You can’t tell how good a hypnotist is by what they’re charging.

I follow a Rule of 3.
1) During your phone call if you feel a certain hypnotist may be able help you, make your first appointment, and ask whether the hypnotist offers an initial consultation prior to the session. A consultation is an unpaid block of time when you can physically meet with the hypnotist to decide whether or not you would feel comfortable working with each other. My consultations are 15 minutes long and generally take place immediately before a first session as a matter of client convenience. Once you’re already in the office, assuming the decision is made to go ahead. It’s time to get started!

The first meeting:

Understand you may feel some apprehension in the beginning as this is a new experience for you, but success requires a level of comfort allowing you to speak honestly about your challenge. The initial consultation is the test of your comfort level. If you’re not comfortable, now is the time to say “thank you” and leave.
There are many good hypnotists out there, but as in any field you must choose wisely.
Once your decision is made, the first paid session can take place.
(I charge for the first and the last session up front. If you’d like to know why just ask me in your comments. This varies between hypnotists)

1. After your first session, you should feel comfortable and confident enough in your hypnotist’s abilities that booking the next session is easy. If so, you’ve made it over the first hurtle. You should begin to notice some minor change as well. Maybe your mood is improved, or you realize you feel good about your decision to follow this path, or you simply notice your shoulders aren’t as tense as they were.

2. The second session you should feel more comfortable and at ease. This shows   you’re building a working rapport with your hypnotist, a very important step. It’s not uncommon during initial sessions for a client to say: “I don’t think I was actually hypnotized.”

This if generally the result of apprehension on the client’s part, and will not eliminate the effectiveness of the session. One common means to determine whether or not you actually entered a hypnotic state is the experience of time alteration. In the hypnotic state, an hour of time may pass objectively, but it feels as though you’ve been “sat there with your eyes closed” for maybe 15 – 25 minutes only.

3. By the third session you’ll be entering hypnosis quickly and more deeply than before. You’ll have been noticing positive changes over the past 2 sessions, and a noticeable difference in your mood. Perhaps you’re feeling more alert, getting a better nights rest etc, and you’re beginning to see certain changes in the direction you want to go. If this isn’t so, it may mean this hypnotist isn’t the right operator for you. Only you can decide. Discuss it with him/her.

Please keep in mind: this is only a guideline – things can happen faster or slower. You are always the one who must decide if a particular method or operator is working for you!

You will not do or say anything in the state of Hypnosis you do not wish to say or do!

This is even true for anything you’ve seen happening on a Stage! People on stage have volunteered, and want to have the experience, so they allow the suggestions given to them to happen.

Rule of thumb: If at anytime you do not feel safe, or are made to feel extremely uncomfortable, leave!
It’s always your choice.

That’s my rule of 3.

Hypnotist reading this:

Let your clients know what you’re going to do and what to expect. It shouldn’t be a secret to the person paying you. Hypnosis is a cooperative association, used to create the desired change in the shortest amount of time.

This is my opinion only of how to find a good hypnotist, and you are of course allowed to hold your own opinions.

I invite you as my friends to join my blog. Send me your comments and questions; good or bad, and I will do my best to answer them in a timely fashion.

Keep in touch!

Gavin – Professional Hypnotist and Master of Imagination

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