Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

Trust is something that must be either given or earned, once you have it (mine anyway) it’s there for life, unless you do something for me to lose my trust in you, such as steal from me, cast aspersions about me, my business or my family.   There is one more way that can cause me to no longer trust or put faith in someone and that is not doing what they said they’ll do, repeatedly, basically that tells me and others that your word is worthless.

I understand things can and do happen such as life’s emergencies, that can’t be avoided, but you make a call, send an email, a text; anything to let me and other people know that we are still valued by you.

Trust is extremely important in my line of work as a professional Hypnotist and speaker, not only me but every single client, group or team I work with.  If I can’t build rapport and trust within a few minutes of being on stage  my show, or my talk, will definitely not come across as authentic and sincere, I wouldn’t be able to hypnotize anyone without a modicum of trust and I build on that throughout the event.

I’m alway careful about what I say to my clients, I want to make sure that what I say is what I deliver (and then some it’s always better to over deliver)so  before I take on a new client I ask myself, is what the client asking for reasonable, and can I make it happen.

I can honestly say that when I make a commitment to someone, it’s been fulfilled completely and in a timely fashion.  I’ve earned the trust of many clients and in return they have either rehired me, or have confidently pass my name, forward to another company or colleague, who has then reached out and booked my services.


Your word is the only thing you really have to earn and keep someones trust…