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Company Party
Company Party

Whether you call it a corporate Christmas party or holiday event, it’s something everyone needs. Read on.

Your business and customer loyalty rely on the people who perform various tasks and duties at your company. Sure your staff are paid for their time, however during the holiday season, I’ll bet the majority of your staff would like to have one night where they can all just hang out, enjoy dinner, a drink or two, and have some live interactive, team building entertainment (rather than just a DJ).

Here are a few compelling reasons to hold a special event at LEAST once a year:

Not only will your team be excited, you will be directly responsible for employing and helping hundreds of people, and your company, by having a real holiday party or some other event with all the fixings!

Staff will thank you, (respect is gained)

It’s tax deductible (who doesn’t like that)

A party releases tension (enough said)

It builds a stronger team, improves morale and offers a commonality of experience (a commonality of interest increases cooperation.)

It leaves everyone with wonderful memories of the event (photos) and how entertaining it was (completely priceless).

It’s too hard to list in a Blog ALL of the positive effects your event will have on people, places and things. Suffice to say there are many!

It is not just your company that benefits; the entire economy is indisputably affected. WOW! Think about that. When you hold a company event you have an effect on so many people, places and things that make up our economy, which in turn comes back around to you; your business, employees, etc. (Mind-boggling really)

Hotel and hall rentals, Caterers, food stores, delivery drivers, taxis, airlines, decorators and of course, the entertainment, I hope that’s me (Gavin Hooper Comedy Hypnotist) After the party the effects of your spend go even further, like a ripple in a pond. You now have a stronger sense of loyalty within the corporation, greater company morale (you look like a Hero), not to mention the great-shared memories.

Some employers are not seen as being fun, giving or generous. Do your best to not be that person. A strong team requires a little R and R, once in a while. Shake it up with recognition night, or better yet some fun, silly awards night, a little entertainment and plenty of laughs… see the difference it will make!


Thank you for reading my Blog,  I really look forward to meeting you soon.


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