Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

Not fully worked out, concluded, or agreed on; uncertain, or hesitant.
To make valid or binding by a formal or legal act; ratify.

I’ve had a couple of people very disappointed recently, no not in me or my show; simply an unfortunate misunderstanding, where a group who wanted me to perform at their event on a specific date, but did not sign a contract to secure the date.

This happens all to often and not just to me, (which doesn’t make me feel any better) where people say to me “We called you”  3, 6  or 12 months ago about putting on a show for us on this date and thought it was confirmed”.

My reply is always the same when I hear about the “tentative” dates people want. I say “Well I can pencil the date you’d like to have in my calendar, BUT the only way to guarantee and confirm your date is with a signed contract;  would you like me to send you a contract today?”

A conversation, a word or a handshake, are all very nice to get, somehow they make us feel good, wanted or special in some way believing we have a solid deal; however things can and do change all the time and a contract is the only way to make both parties understood as to what was said and what will be done and on what date.

I’m not being a prima donna or playing hard ball with anyone, in fact I’m very grateful when I’m hired by any group or company, I love to meet people, perform hypnosis shows and put on hypnotic demonstrations, however It makes no difference if your selling a service or a product,  business is business.

I’m a professional hypnotist and motivational entertainer, whether I’m making a crowd  laugh, motivation a group with a talk or helping someone through a personal challenge, hypnosis is what I do for a living,  it’s a business and I must run it like one.

Thank you for your understanding. I’d also like to thank company X ( you know who you are)  for signing a contract with me for your 2013 event… I know we’ll have a wonderful time… I guarantee it.

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