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Fear of Needles

Fear of Needles

  • Category: Phobias
  • Format: mp3 Instant Download
  • Session Length : 27:04
  • Price: $19.97
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Do you have a fear of needles or injections? Does this anxiety prevent you from having the proper Medical care that you know you need? Is going to the dentist causing you distress at the thought of Receiving anesthetic? No one really enjoys having a needle but when the anxiety is such that it effects Your decision making with regards to your health, then you need to take action.

Eliminate the anxiety of needles with the Hypnosis mp3 Download – Fear of Needles

You want to enjoy life like everyone else. You can do this by realigning your thoughts with hypnosis and visualization. Listen and relax with the Hypnosis mp3 Download – Fear of Needles and you are on your way to a new, comfortable, relaxed state of mind in dealing with any kind of injection, vaccination or anesthetic.

Invest in yourself today!
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