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Fear of Dogs

Fear of Dogs

  • Category: Phobias
  • Format: mp3 Instant Download
  • Session Length : 27:18
  • Price: $19.97
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Fear of Dogs, like many phobias, could very well be have been initiated from something that happened to you in the past that makes you avoid them. This fear can interrupt your life by causing unnecessary anxiety in a public place. You can ‘t really always avoid these chance encounters. If you are a parent, you are a role model and this fear will be passed on to your children. Many people in your situation have done something about it and are living the life they want. You can too!

Eliminate the Fear of Dogs with the Hypnosis mp3 Download – Fear of Dogs

Your sub-conscious mind believes what ever it receives. When you let doubt, fear or negative thought enter your mind then you feed your fear. You can learn to easily and powerfully direct your mind with confidence and eliminate any anxiety with this hypnotic mp3 download.

Invest in yourself today!
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