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What Makes a Good Stage Hypnotist?

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The modern day stage hypnotist is and has to be much more of a performer than the stage hypnotist of twenty to thirty years ago. This area of entertainment is more competitive today than it ever has been since it began.

In its growing years, it was rare for a stage hypnotist to come to town. There just weren't that many of them. Today, with the television medium giving a big boast to the phenomena it can be found in almost any venue. I have witnessed a stage hypnotist performing on a causeway with people walking by, scratching their heads, thinking what the h--- is this. Television and radio no longer balk at this form of entertainment but grasp it with open arms as an attention getting phenomena.

This vast exposure, soon to be over exposure, has increased its popularity so much so that new stage hypnotist are popping up every day. To be competitive and to stay competitive the modern day stage hypnotist needs to upgrade his/her performance and stay ahead of the next act by being not just a choreographer as in the past but a performer as well.

There seems to be a fast growing number of stage hypnotists using the internet. The musician can perform multiple gigs in one town because they are so versatile. Corporate engagements, weddings, dances, orchestras, musicals provide a variety of venues for the musician. The stage hypnotist, however, must seek employment outside of his/her own town to maintain even a reasonable workload. The internet is providing this service of connecting the client to the agent or to the performer.

I am quite often asked is there a particular entertainer that influenced you or stood out. There is one man that I can speak of that was the consummate stage hypnotist for all of the western world for the past forty years. His name is Peter Reveen, recently retired from the stage, living in Las Vegas and is Lance Burton's manager.

When ever I see the name Peter Reveen the word "showmanship" is always in the same line. He came to Canada in 1961 with a nickle in his pocket. He began with a small performance in a school auditorium and rose in a few short years to filling 2500 seat theatres for 2 weeks straight. Peter Reveen took a break and toured with his love of magic, his illusion show which was fabulous for a mobile unit. He always seemed to go that extra mile......I recall seeing 3 zig-zag illusions on stage at the same time. The costumes were fabulous with great colour and pizazz. The stage hypnotist is still the act that filled the theatres, however and Peter Reveen returned with his hypnotic show once again.

Peter Reveen as a stage hypnotist, was always colourful in his dress of custom tails. He was articulate and precise as the show he had developed. The choreography of moving a 100 volunteers on stage in some sort of organized fashion was thought out and rehearsed to the letter. In later years this Australian stage hypnotist had his entire family, wife Coral and the four boys working the show. Each had a job and did it so well, it ran so smooth, a show which involved complete strangers in every town. Imagine traveling as a stage hypnotist, having your family with you, working with you and seeing the world with the most successful stage hypnosis show in the world. What more could a stage hypnotist ask.

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