Stage Hypnotism

What is Stage Hypnotism?

The popularity of stage hypnotism as a form of entertainment has been due in part to the fascination of observing various reactions by the volunteers under hypnotism. In the earlier part of the century Stage hypnotism went through a demeaning period of stooges and fakes and lost the public respect as a legitmate form of entertainment. The entertainment form of stage hypnotism has been misunderstood by a few religeous groups. While everyone certainly has a right to their religeous believes, more education on the actual phenomena of stage hypnotism would reveal its simply suggestion and persuasion which are of course normal characteristics of the human mind. Stage hypnotism has now made a resurgence and has progressed along with new techniques and skills. Today people flock to the theatres and to night clubs when stage hypnotism is on the bill. Stage hypnotism is one form of entertainment that is contingent on audience participation which can be both a detriment or an ehancement to the evenings success.

Robert Mesmer and Audience

Stage hypnotism today can be found in almost any type of venue from public causeways, pubs and bars, high schools and fairs to conventions and corporate banquets. With all this exposure it is still surprising the amount of people who have heard of stage hypnotism but have never witnessed its performance. It is always a rewarding experience when you ask the audience how many have never witnessed a demonstration of stage hypnotism before and the majority of hands go up.

There is various philosophies on just what is stage hypnotism. The most popular explanation being " A group of volunteers taken willingly on a series of imagined events." To ask a volunteer after the hypnosis show, what it was like usually brings a response of " I could hear him, I could understand him but I really thought I was on a surfboard."A An analogy to dreaming, it seems real at the time. The volunteers at this point are in a highly suggestive state of mind and are anxious and willing to cooperate.

Ethical Stage Hypnotism

The big question often asked will a volunteer commit a crime under hypnosis. In stage hypnotism the routines are always kept to the performance. One may ask, what if the comedy hypnotist has ulterior motives. The theory here is that the volunteer has his/her own set of moral standards and when this standard is breached by the hypnotist the rapport might very well be lost.

The volunteer can carry forth suggestions after the show (post-hypnotic), however this is usually part of the finale of good stage hypnotism like the Robert Mesmer Show. Post-hypnotic suggestions that are carried away from the theatre are always of a theraputic nature ie. sound sleeping, weight loss, self-confidence.

Stage Hypnotism - Creating a Safe Environment

In a safe and experienced demonstration of stage hypnotism such as the Robert Mesmer Show each volunteer is watched continually throughout the show for any type of phobias that would conflict with the activity. In Hawaii, during the surfing routine, a volunteer might be deathly afraid of the water. When this phobia of water is not addressed by the hypnotist the volunteer will become noticeably agitated. Is is the responsibilty of the hypnotist to correct this situation by telling this volunteer that they are sitting on a lawnchair on the beach watching the rest of the surfers. This is an example of an experienced stage hypnotist at work.

The Robert Mesmer Stage Hypnotism Show is successful because he follows some basic rules. No one on stage, male or female, removes any clothing, eats soap, lemons, onions or razor blades. They are not asked to reveal anything about their personal life. They are not put into a cateleptic state (stiff body) and have someone stand on them possibly causing a permanent back injury. They are not put into degrading situations of being on all fours barking like a dog or quacking like a duck.

Why Robert Mesmer?

Robert Mesmer has brought stage hypnotism back to the theatre and corporate level. He has designed the show to include as many of the senses as possible. Hearing, seeing, feeling and smell can be altered to some very humouress situations. Normal thought processes are altered, temporary amnesia, simple calulations all work towards fantastic demonstrations of the human mind. Creation of situations combined with mindblowing sound effects and music make this show a must see example of stage hypnotism.

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