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You have probably heard the term ignorance is bliss right? Well it’s true, people can say or write whatever they like (including me) but that doesn’t mean all the facts have been checked or are correct.

I’ve been working with hypnosis for more than 25 years, (at the time of this post) I think it’s a fascinating field, and no I don’t have all the answers.

I have just read a story published by Fox news (okay maybe not the most reputable place to look) however after reading that article (link  below), it made me ask, “how many people have read it? How many accepted it as truth?” There was mention of a study run by a doctor hailing from a prestigious University.

 Stage hypnosis is not brainwashing, simply people having fun in hypnosis.

While there are a number of truths about hypnosis in the article, I personally disagree with at least three statements that were made, and laid them out in the segments below. (a link to the full article will be provided so you can read it as well and decide for yourself, like everything in life).

 (From the article)  “Thanks to on-stage brainwashing sessions and movies featuring disgruntled workers taking a baseball bat to the printer (Office Space, anyone?), hypnosis has a rep for being little more than pure entertainment”.

I am a professional hypnotist who has put his time in the office setting, working with and helping people sort through an abundance of personal challenges since  1990. Now I perform as a STAGE HYPNOTIST,  I do not humiliate or brainwash anyone. I simply offer them the experience of being in the hypnotic state,  provide positive suggestions for good health, relating to relief from motion sickness, aches & pains, less tension etc.. The volunteer can CHOOSE to accept and use a suggestion; or simply disregard it as with ANY suggestions I offer. It’s ALWAYS their choice, NOT at all like “Brainwashing” which is a more violent and personally invasive form of hypnosis if you will.

Then when I read the next statement: “Only three fourths of people can be hypnotized,” my first thought was: by YOU and your team maybe.

I’m not ready to guarantee whether I could or couldn’t hypnotize the persons the doctor and his team missed out on, I am prepared to say OUTRIGHT, I’m  absolutely positive there IS someone who could hypnotize them. Hypnotists no matter how talented are NOT necessarily a “one size fits ALL.” Hell, I’d put my money on Richard Bandler.

Anyone able to experience a really good mood, or a really bad mood  is half way there. Any strong emotion requires a strong singular focus of attention. In this case on how great they feel, or on whatever is making them feel bad.  In fact, a focus this strong, created under any circumstances is technically a form of hypnosis…..! Fight it all you want. If you’re in a super angry state, then having me tell you life is grand and things will get better are NOT going to sink in. If you’re in the best mood of your life, and I tell you there’s a huge problem, you may think (ooh that sucks), but your over all mood will remain unchanged.  Life is hypnosis.

I have hypnotized people on and off the stage who claim to have A.D.D, I’ve worked successfully with some people with diminished capacities, and those with very strong wills, minds etc. NO not everyone I invite on stage has become hypnotized, not everyone I’ve had in my office is a success story, however it has been my experience that anyone, with a desire to become hypnotized, can in fact enter into the hypnotic state.

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  1. An excellent article. I too am a professional hypnotist and I agree everything you’ve said. My success rate is extremely high, but I have a few clients that worked better with the approach taken by another hypnotist.

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