Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

I’ve had such a good response to my “Firm Decision Now” CD (for weight removal) that I thought I’d mention the other CD’s that are currently available.

My “True Relaxation” CD will help to remove all that unwanted tension and daily stress from your life, it can assist you in getting that great nights sleep you want so desperately too.

My “Confidence you Already Own” CD, is not some  raw raw program full of “You can do its” (even though you can) it’s designed to allow you to feel great about who you are now, and to keep that upbeat attitude, cause with a winning attitude you really can do anything.

“Firm Decision Now” CD is mentioned in the Blog already. Want to change your weight for the better? Well go on then, pick up a CD Now, give it a listen, use it the way it’s describe, let it sink deep within your subconscious, it may sound a little different at first ,but that’s because all the other things sound the same. you’ll like it.

Order them all together, save some money.

your just a couple of clicks away from feeling very relaxed.

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  1. Thank you so much, I’ve tried other Cds but it’s always the same old stuff don’t eat junk food, work out, blah blah, you have a different way of getting through to me.

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