Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

There is a big difference between being a Hypnotist and being a Hypnotic Entertainer.

Hypnosis is something that can be taught, however being an entertainer is something, you either are or are not.

I have had several calls this past month and asked to provide a quote for my services as a comedy hypnotist. I understand that some people shop around for holiday and Christmas entertainment looking for the best price, so I do’t get upset.

There are hypnotists who charge less than I do for a show, and at first blush the public perceives it to be the same thing, “hypnosis is hypnosis” right? Wrong. You can hire a cheaper hypnotist and find out later that the best thing about them was their website, or you could hire a great clinical hypnotist who dabbles in parties, and find out that they are just not entertaining.

I won’t say that I’ve pleased everyone at every venue or show, but having been hired to tour and perform throughout southern India, entertain in Japan and have worked for years as a headliner with some of the most prestigious cruise lines in the world; I’d say that I’ve done alright (by my standards) and have met the professional hypnotist and entertainer standards.

In short you can find a comedy hypnotist who is cheaper, and you might get lucky and find a good one, but if you don’t, you’ll have thrown away your money, and disappointed your audience.

Experience is priceless – Inexperience is just costly.

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