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Hi there.

I just thought I’d offer a little information here that has helped me out big time, and has turned me into a savvy traveler.

This is a must for anyone who flies out of the country more than twice a year.

I don’t normally endorse other companies services, however this is (in my opinion) worth mentioning.

Have you heard of Priority Pass? Me either until a fellow entertainer mentioned that I needed to get one with all the traveling I do. He was right.

Whether you’re an International traveler or simply flying throughout North America this might be of interest to you.

“Priority Pass” offers a way to get into over 600 first class / business class lounges all over the world, so when you find yourself in an airport with a delayed flight,. …and you will, a first class lounge with a hot shower can do wonders for you.

(Hong Kong SAR) very comfortable.

This card can and will be a real Sanity Saver; for a fee depending on the type of membership you choose it will allow you to relax in comfort grab a bite to eat, maybe even a couple of bevies (your’e not driving) free wireless and more, in general have a much more enjoyable wait.

You can check them out at

Let me know if you found this useful.

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