Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

As a professional hypnotist/entertainer you post photos of yourself so that perspective clients can see how you look.

A good practice is to use a current photo, one that shows how you look today (no older than 2 years) especially if your a Comedic Hypnotist, the same goes if your using your skills as a therapeutic hypnotist a good quality recent photo is always a good idea.

Interesting enough I have found several sites where the photos of the hypnotists/entertainers that are at least 6 or more years old; making them appear younger than they really are I even found one who’s photo is at least 12 to 15 years younger than they really are.

When a company hires you as there hypnotist or any type of entertainer; who they see on your site is who they should meet in person (with in reason, i.e. hair colour or little make-up) Deception is the tool that Magicians use to trick you, but it’s fun when they do it.

If a pictures says a “1000” words then using an old photo on your site is screaming something and you should listen. If your a talented entertainer and a knowledgeable in your field, then being older, balding, wear glasses etc, shouldn’t be a problem, however you feel that no one will hire you because your not as young as you once were then maybe make an appointment with me; I’ll help you get through it.

This is my opinion and no one is forcing you to agree with me, it’s simply the way I feel, and since it’s my Blog I can write what I like. lol

All the best to you.

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