Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

This post is by request.

Hypnotists are not all the same. A great website and a weeks worth of training does not make or mean that the “hypnotist” has the experience or is qualified to work with anyone on stage or off let alone be entertainer, as that to is a skill.

Experience can only be gained by using and practicing what you’ve learned, true but maybe practice at house parties or invite your friends to bring their friends over to your place for practice, eventually approach various clubs and so on until you’re sure you can  be entertaining and able to successfully hypnotize groups of people as well as deal with the many unexpected challenges that will come up.

If the “Hypnotist” you’ve hired for an event whether it’s a grad, or corporate show starts hurting or killing imaginary rabbits, horses, cats, birds etc.. in there skits making people sad, cry or become upset tell them to stop right away!

I hear of people doing this all to often, you may get a laugh from it, but you probably won’t get a call back for another show.

These type of skits can leave negative lasting impressions, some hypnotists  will argue with me on this point and in the very next breath say how the positive suggestions last a long time… This too ought to send up a RED flags about their experience.

Just as some “hypnotists” still believe they have control over you; this is just not true, not now not ever.

Hypnosis is very much a willing state of mind, or I’d have people robbing banks and bringing me the cash, I’m ethical not stupid.

There are some very good and reputable Stage Hypnotists for hire throughout north America, I would be happy to provide you names of others who I believe to be very good in the field and art of hypnotism and who are truly Professional Entertainers. Be carful of who you choose as there are others who should not be in the field at all (I won’t mention any names)

There are so many positive suggestion that can be offered and used for fun as well as empowering people…use those and you’ll grow as a professional.

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