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A person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions

Does hypnosis work?

Why Choose Gavin Hooper?

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Will Hypnosis Shows Work with My Event?

Oh yes! Hypnosis can work with whatever event you’re planning. To have a great hypno show, it’s recommended that at least 90 people attend. The larger the number of people in attendance, the more fun it becomes.

What are the Stage requirements?

Ideally, the stage would be at least 7′ x 20′ and have 14-20 straight-back armless chairs.
Some venues may not have a stage available; in this case, a section of floor space will be required. No Risers, please. Volunteers will be dancing and moving about, and having a safe environment is extremely important.
Corporate Events, Grads, Fundraisers, Conventions, Conferences, Company Christmas Parties, Office & Holiday Parties / Events, Customer and/or Staff Appreciation parties, Cruise Ships, Fairs, Team Building Events, Frosh Week, AGM, Award Parties, and more.
Gavin will provide a relaxed, friendly, professional environment customized to your needs.

What does it cost?

And How Soon Should I Book a Show?

It’s wise to book early, particularly around major holidays and weekends, to ensure you don’t miss out and have to compromise with a different option.
Feel free to reach out by sending us an email, calling us toll-free at 1-877-3 HOOPER (346-6737), or using our convenient online booking form to kickstart your booking immediately. Don’t worry—we’re here to help, not to pressure you!

Gavin Hooper is a seasoned Corporate Comedy Hypnotist renowned for elevating events with engaging and entertaining hypnosis shows. Pricing for his performances is influenced by several factors, including the time of year and the event’s location. Typically, October through December sees higher rates due to the increased demand around Christmas and company holiday parties, especially on weekends. However, Gavin offers special rates for weekday events from Sunday to Thursday. Booking your event three months in advance or more can also lead to significant savings.
Gavin’s rates for his mesmerizing comedy hypnosis shows range from $2,000 to $6,000, plus applicable taxes. His standard shows are 60 minutes long, but he can accommodate 90-minute performances or longer, depending on your budget and time requirements.
Remember the adage, “If you think it’s costly to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur.” Investing in a professional like Gavin ensures a high-quality, memorable experience.
In addition to hypnotic entertainment, Gavin can enhance your event with dinner or dance music. If you’re interested in pre-show dinner music or post-show dance beats, mention this when booking.
Are you looking for a variety of entertainment options? To complement your event, Gavin can help coordinate additional services such as magicians, caricaturists, photo booths, and DJs.
Please note that travel and accommodation costs may apply, and taxes are not included in the base rates. Please contact us for a detailed quote and to explore how Gavin can make your next event unforgettable.

Things you should do after booking Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

  •  It’s very important

    To let everyone know that Hooper the Fun Hypnotist will be providing the entertainment! Comedy stage hypnosis is a unique, safe  and engaging experience that hinges on participant readiness and willingness to explore this fascinating state of mind known as hypnosis.  (Hypnos from Greek mythology, meaning sleep.)

  • To transform a good show into a fantastic one, we need enthusiastic and or curious volunteers ready to dive into this incredible experience. These volunteers are essential to the dynamic and interactive nature of live stage shows like this.

    To ensure the best possible experience, we encourage you to start getting your team or group excited about the event and consider volunteering. Being part of the show is not only fun it’s also an unforgettable highlight! If you’re curious or even just a bit adventurous, this could be a great opportunity to experience something truly unique. So, let’s get ready to make some magical memories with Hooper the Fun Hypnotist!

Building Excitement


  • People will always have questions, “Who’s going to get hypnotized?” “Can I be hypnotized”? And so many more. I will go over these and other questions before the show. I want people to get involved and truly enjoy themselves. My promise to you,  I will not ever humiliate anyone – that’s just not funny or professional.
  • Do as much as you can, whether an office party or a huge event; promotion is important. It will build excitement, raise curiosity and questions not to mention create excitment.  Check out my Media Kit for posters and other promotional items.

Comedy Hypnosis Shows by Gavin Hooper

Gavin and my high school have worked together for 18+ years. He always brings an entertaining and memorable experience for our grads. He is consistently the highlight of... read more

Clayton Radons

Excellent show. Highly professional. Very considerate to volunteers as to not cause embarrassment. Well done Gavin!

Cheryl Turenne