Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper


A prominent online entertainment booking agency (Gig Masters) has launched something they call a “Background check badge” and if you buy one it’s supposed to help the entertainer and the clients.. I don’t see it.  Read on, tell me what you think?

In today’s world, privacy is something we don’t seem to have much of anymore.

Look around, at the cameras on every street, listening devices in the ceilings at airports, cell phones, etc. and a very distrusting attitude when it comes to interactions with other people.

The background check idea is only going to perpetuate this feeling of uneasiness and distrust. I don’t care if the person who I’m being ENTERTAINED by on stage has a past that might not meet my high moral standards.  The only place I see such checks being mildly useful is if the entertainer hired will be left alone with small children.

Then it comes down to who would leave a stranger alone with their kids anyway?

I’ve had more background checks in my life than the average person ever will, from work I’ve held in the past, to my Nexus pass application for airport security, and for the hobbies that I enjoy.

In short having a “background check badge” is just adding fuel to the fires of distrust and paranoia.

People are looking for an entertainer to laugh with and to be amazed by, they’re not watching the show and wondering did this guy or girl ever do time for some minor crime.

I can only hope others see this the way I do, and I already know not everyone will. I get it, but it’s entertainment folks, not National Security, I’ll tell you what though if the White-house or Parliament Hill books me through Gig Masters I’ll get the background check badge.


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