Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

This was never a concern when I attend school.


Here is an excerpt from a Vancouver school code, I came across while sending some Dry Grad information to them. I have redacted the name of the school but suffice to say, it’s very important that we (all of us) do what ever it takes to make sure a code Red is never called, and becomes a “Remember when we used to need this” statement.


A message would be pushed out on the xxxx App stating that the school is in code red lockdown and that students, who are not able to get to xxxxxx, should go to xxxxxxxx.

Seriously, It’s crazy to think that in 1950 (before I was born) that students practiced hiding under there desks in case of a Nuclear attack, and today they practice hiding, turning off lights etc, incase some one who feels bad, or hears voices comes to school with violent intentions.



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