Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

Did you have a company party this past holiday season?

If so did you have entertainment?

What was it?

If you didn’t have a party or entertainment what was the reason?

The biggest surprise this past holiday season was how many smaller companies hired me to perform for there Christmas party and even more surprising was the number of larger companies asking if I’d perform at a cut rate. (“Um No” ) I understand there is no harm in asking, but as a business there is overhead and expenses on both sides, sure the big companies have more but it’s all relative really. Some larger big box companies ask the staff to pay for there own parties.


I feel badly for those people they work all year and then have to cough up for their own bash. I see both sides kind of, I mean they’re employed (good thing) and the pays okay (also good) but the year end or Christmas party is a huge deal to most staff not to mention it’s a great team building activity. So why not supply a little food, limit the alcohol if you wish, bring in some entertainment and when all is said and done it’s a double bonus- first it’s completely deductible, Second -you’ll have stronger team spirit throughout the company which benefits everyone from staff to customer to Manager.

Call me now it’s never to early to hire professional entertainment. Example of a company with great spirits, I refer you to Brighter (see testimonials) I spoke with the Owner about this party; everything was amazing, food drinks prizes music and a great Comedy Hypnotist (that’s me) what a night, a ton of fun defiantly not cheep, and they do this every year for the employees. It’s no wonder why staff turn over is almost zero.

Call now to book your show, you’ll thank yourself later.

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