Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

I want to thank everyone for the great comments you left for me with the Cruise Directors aboard the Coral, the Grand and the Sapphire Princess; as well as the ones you’ve sent me directly. A special thanks to Bill and Linda Patterson for the wonderful pictures (seen here) taken at my show aboard The Coral Princess. (Mexico, so nice lets do it again)

“Thanks for a fantastic show on the Coral Princess! Here are a few pix that we think really capture the essence of your great performance.

Your subjects enlightened the evening most dramatically.

Thanks again Bill and Linda

“Hi Gavin,
I talked to you before you left the Grand Princess a couple of weeks ago.
We loved the show and we left great comments for you.
We cruise a lot and hopefully we will see you again sometime.
All our best”
Tony and Tina

I’m very grateful everyday for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, who go from unknown passengers, to being friends that I now have all over the world. Truly a pleasure.

Life is Good!

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  1. We were on the Coral & the Grand everyone really enjoyed your shows.
    There was 6 of us who were traveling together, and were all to nervous to come up on stage ha ha, I will next time for sure you didn’t make a fool of anyone, Just as you promised.

    California cruise team


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