Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

Fun Hypnotist Show – Mind Tricks and Brain Teasers

Fun Hypnotist Shows don’t just happen at events, they’re created!

Below are some fun tricks you can play on the eye from the comfort of your chair.
***Before scrolling down further to check them out, you MUST be advised that some optical illusions can cause seizures or vertigo in some people. If you have suffered any side-effects from strobe lighting, video games or similar eye affecting illusions, please avoid the possibility of triggering this by not scrolling any further down. We haven’t had any problems with these “EYE-illusions” but your safety is important to us. If you’re ready for some fun hypnotist show eye tricks, scroll down!

Brain bender #1

Stare at the image below. Is the dancer spinning left or right? Many people experience a change in direction after staring at this image for 20 seconds. Let us know if it works for you, too!
fun hypnotist show trick one


Eye-bender #2

Do you see the “rice” waving in the wind?

fun hypnotist show trick two


Mind-boggler #3

fun hypnotist show trick three


Fun Hypnotist Show trick #4

What do you see in the image below? Stare at it long enough and you’re bound to see more!

fun hypnotist show trick four


Ready to book a LIVE fun hypnotist show? Contact Gavin directly here: Book Hooper, The Fun Hypnotist. Your next event could be the most entertaining one you’ve ever booked!

Fun Hypnotist Show – Mind Tricks and Brain Teasers

Excellent!! The performance was fun and entertaining. The grads thoroughly enjoyed it.

Diana Geiger

Had an amazing time watching Gavin Hooper!!

Vic Rodríguez