Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

The 2011 Dry Grads are all over now yet the fun, positive impressions and fantastic memories will live on for years to come.

Participating in the dry grad celebrations shows just how much fun can be had without the use of alcohol or drugs.

Dry Grad is really the last big hurrah the students will have as a large group with their peers, I believe it’s important that every student who wants to experience true hypnosis ought to have the opportunity to do so without the fear of being upset or humiliated in any way, this is why I have so many on my stage.

(I would never intentionally humiliate another human being)

I consistently have between 28 to 55 people hypnotized on my stage at every grad, which from reports I’ve had from PAC committees, entertainment suppliers and DJ’s is more than other hypnotists. (no surprise to me) this is where years of experience really shows itself.

Invite me to entertain at your grad, or school fundraisers you won’t be disappointed.

In my opinion the students who take part at the dry grad celebrations show a great deal of confidence as they know that alcohol and drugs are not required to truly enjoy themselves, which I hope will carry long into their futures.

Just Breath!  lol

New video coming soon, check my site often.

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