Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

Dry Grad season is a few months away, yet that’s still pretty close if your the one responsible for booking the entertainment.

School / PAC’s  are calling me now with there date requests, which is a great idea especially since so many grads are being held on the same night.

Now if I’m booked for the same date you’re looking for, I find that with a little moving around of start times (usually about an hour or so) I can finish at one grad and make to the next with time to spare and with no loss of momentum or excitement for anyone, I love what I do, and I won’t miss a beat.

I very much look forward to performing for the students “your kids” again this year, building confidence, excitement and powerful positive memories they can keep, take and use for a life time.

Thank you for the referrals you have sent my way, they are appreciated.

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  1. Yes it’s true call early, we just booked Gavin for our grad again fourth year in row. the students and parents love him he’s just so positive.


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