Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

First to the Parents and Teachers who donate so much of their time and energy into organizing the Grad, fundraising, getting sponsors, finding prizes, and of course, hiring great live entertainment (Thank you!) And then staying up way past their normal bedtimes lol. Oh yes, and let’s not forget the dreaded clean up still facing them when all is through.

A very big Kudos to you all! Now onto to the graduating students! Yes, you too deserve a huge Congratulations, and not only for having made it successfully all through 12 years (or more) of schooling, showing you had the intestinal fortitude to stick it out… (I know it wasn’t always easy) but you’ve done it! Moving into your DRY GRAD EVENT, again you’re proving you’re not afraid of walking a different path by forgoing the use of Booze and Drugs and yet somehow still managing to have a fantastic time. (yes a little sarcasm there lol)!

In this, you provide the proof that booze and drugs is not responsible for you having a good time! In fact it was your decision to have a great time without it. It’s enough to be surrounded by like minded people, and enjoy the various activities going on around you to allow yourself to have so much fun.

So what it comes down to is Choices and the Decisions you make for yourself, and again I’d like to congratulate you on this very important choice. Remember whether you believe you can or you can’t…you’re right!

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  1. This was the best time ever, my friends and i were hypnotized by you.
    Wish we could do it again, I’ll be helping at next years grad and I know you already got the job………… much fun you ROCK HOOPER.

  2. Wish I made it onto your stage to be hypnotized but just watching was a whole lot of fun! Hope I get to see your show again sometime! Amazing!

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