Comedy Hypnotism

Comedy Hypnotism - What to expect from a comedy hypnotism show

Comedy hypnotism has been holding its own during the past five years. As there is more exposure there seems to be more demand. This usually results in an oversaturation and the demand will decrease. People will just tire of seeing comedy hypnotism so often. At present however the comedy hypnotist is enjoying the surge, but with the demand comes an influx of hypnotists. As I surf the net in the comedy hypnotism area new ones are popping up hourly. Each hypnotist making claims of being the master, being unique, being fast, being unbelievable.....a choir of comedy stage hypnotists! Comedy hypnotism has been around as an entertainment for many years and will continue to be unless someone is extemely careless, intiating a very public lawsuit and very bad press for the entertainment. We enjoy many types of entertainment, but none can seem to match the experience of witnessing our friends or even other audience members react to situations created in a successful comedy hypnotism show. The audience can expect to see ordinary people, hopefully someone they know personally react to a multitude of created stimuli, only limited by the comedy hypnotist.

Why does this form of entertainment draw in the crowds, this comical reaction to stimuli? I believe its a combination of different personalities reacting to created situations that really don't exist. We can all relate to them because we have either actually experienced the situation or imagined what it would be like to do so. Most of us have never ridden the shuttle up into space, but we have all thought about it and what it would be like. A volunteer, if asked after a show, what was it like. The usual response would be " I could hear him (the hypnotist), I could understand him but I really thought I was on a surf board in Hawaii."

There is no danger in comedy hypnotism if conducted with common sense. The conductor (the hypnotist) should have a thorough background in hypnosis for he/she is always working in a foreign invironment, with multiple personalities of which none he has probably meant before showtime. I feel comfortable with the Robert Mesmer Comedy Hypnosis Show because I always remember, I am the conductor, the volunteers are the stars, I am responsible, the volunteers are my guests.

The Robert Mesmer Comedy Hypnotism Show is always designed with safety of the volunteers. There is no cateleptic demonstration of putting a volunteer into a board like state and then standing on him/her and risking injury to that person. The physical aspects of the show are always addressed prior to showtime. Is there a large drop off the edge of the stage? Is there bright tape on the stage to direct the volunteers that may be disoriented by the stage lights? Do any of the chairs have faulty legs or sharp edges? There are a multitude of variables to consider when dealing with individual personalities that in comedy hypnotism you are coming in contact with for the first time.

The Robert Mesmer Comedy Hypnotism Show is designed to encompass a well rounded selection of situations that the audience can relate to or can imagine the experience. Few have ridden in a space shuttle but everyone can imagine what it might be like and get to see the volunteers experience this dream and react to it. Comedy hypnotism is most successful when it encompasses different situations and the different senses. Music and brilliant sound effects enhance the Mesmer Comedy Hypnotism Show. Laughter is the healthiest emotion we can have and you will definitely leave the Robert Mesmer Comedy Hypnotism show healthier and happier.


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