Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper
Thanks Everyone

Finally I have a moment to thank everyone who helped me with the redesign of my website, with a multitude of emails back and forth to everyone, always asking the same questions “How does this look?  How does it feel to you? and does it say I’m a professional?” I’m sure I drove my web designer nuts (I’ll bet her eyes are rolling up right now) lol.

Thank you to my wife Jill for her support, a very big thank you to my sister Barb, who was instrumental in keeping me on track in so many ways, and thanks to Nancy of wicked web design for putting it all together and making it look so good.

I’m very grateful to have so many good people in my life, you know who you are.

Check back often see whats new, maybe smile at a stranger…. I mean it can’t hurt right?

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