Stage Hypnotist Acts

Examples of what can happen in a Robert Mesmer Stage Hypnosis Show

Stage Hypnosis is a form of entertainment and as such is designed to make people laugh and loose their inhibitions. This is especially so in the case of the participants, little suspecting what stage hypnosis will make them do! Well here are a few examples from the Stage Hypnosis show of Robert Mesmer:

The Tango

Stage Hypnosis can make a burly builder find his intimate side. Watch as he dances the Tango with your host.

Space Flight

Zero gravity has many implications in space exploration. Watch how the stage hypnotist can create an imaginary atmosphere in the mind of the participants.

Rock On

At some stage everyone had a dream of being a rock star. The hypnotist can take you there. Ask the volunteer after the show and they will say, I could hear the hypnotist, but I actually believed I was a rock star.

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