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Robert Mesmer Fundraiser Comedy Hypnotist Shows

Combined with the Robert Mesmer Show this is guaranteed PROFIT! The Silent Auction. If you haven't done this before, heres the idea. Start at least 3 -4 weeks prior to the Robert Mesmer comedy hypnosis show. Approach the merchants in your area or town and explain what you are doing , your reason for raising the money and ask if they would be willing to participate by contributing and item or service from their establishment. Why would they do this?

1) The item usually costs the retailer less than half the retail price.

2) The retailer can get a tax deduction.

3) You will promote the retailer at the show with a sign.

4) The retailer is building goodwill in the community, one very important asset to success in sales.

Place these items around the gym or theatre area where ever the show is located. At each item have a sign thanking the retailer, as well as a pen with a sign up sheet where people can place their bids for the item. For example: LIFT PASSES FOR TWO courtesy of Acme Ski Rentals. Jim writes down a $30 bid, Pete comes along and writes down $35 underneath. Pete now becomes the highest bidder. At the end of the evening the person with the highest bid receives the product or service. You might advertise the auction to start at 7 PM . The Robert Mesmer Comedy Hypnosis Show would then start at 8 PM with a 30 minute intermission while the auction continues. Some organizations conclude the auction at intermission while others may continue you it for another 15-30 minutes after the comedy hypnosis show.


First, it is completely clear profit, no expenses. The amount, of course depends on the quality and number of items. Some individuals in the organization are real hustlers and they come up with dozens of items themselves. I have seen over the years items ranging from coupons for hamburgers to a trip for two to Las Vegas. Remember to solicit services as well as items ie. an oil change, a massage, haircuts, walking a dog for a week. There is something that every retailer can offer and even every individual can donate a service to be auctioned off ie. cutting your lawn. Estimating very conservatively at $20 an item x 100 items is $2000 profit. Remember I said conservative estimate, you are only limited by hustle and imagination. I have seen items go for as high as $400. Maybe someone or car lot will donate an old car or two you could clean up. I did one a few years ago where the committee started a year ahead of time wrote to all the movie stars telling them what they were doing and requested a signed photograph. They had 50 of them for auction the night of the show! Do not over look the skills of people and their familys on the fundraising committee itself. Maybe there is a mechanic who would be able to get the old car in running condition for the auction. Maybe there is someone who could paint it for the committee. The ideas are endless and it is really quite fun and exciting to see people get together for a common goal and come up with these ideas. Team this up with the comedy hypnosis show and you have an evening of fun, profit and exciting entertainment.

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