A Compilation of a Comedy Hypnotist's Memoirs

Comedy Hypnotist Robert Mesmer ...Cruise in Alaska 1985

The summer of 1985, I was booked as a comedy hypnotist on a cruise ship for a period of eight weeks. Half way through each week the ship would be parked in the middle of the bay so the passengers could enjoy the splendour of the emerald green (but very very cold) water. Beautiful bright and clean icebergs floated randomly about the bay.

The narrator for this afternoon excursion was none other than the ship's comedian. Throughout the ship you could hear, “ Ladies and gentlemen, if you go to the port side of the ship you can actually see and hear large pieces of glacier breaking off and falling into the ocean.” Eight hundred fascinated passengers scrampled to the port railing to enjoy a truly incredible sight. Meanwhile the crew lowered a lifeboat into the water from the starboard side, unbeknown to the excited, but focused portside observers. The crew quickly manouvered around a small iceberg that they could safely hide behind. One of the crew members dressed in a polar bear outfit climbed onto the iceberg. The all clear sign was given to the comedian.

“ Ladies and gentlemen, we have just spotted a polar bear on a small iceberg two hundred yards off the starboard.” Eight hundred passengers charged to the other side of the ship to experience this rare siting. The crew member in costume moved slowly on all fours enhancing the illusion. He had hypnotized, to say the least, the entire group of mesmerized passengers. “ Now ladies and gentlemen, if you make a lot of noise and movement you may get a reaction from the polar bear” Imagine eight hundred people jumping up and down, waving theirs hands, shouting........and then slowly..... the polar bear turns his head towards the ship. Now this is stage hypnosis. This movement by said bear increased the frenzy on board ship. “ Ladies and gentlemen, the polar bear of Alaska is one of the most intelligent species known to man. If you wave to it, it may wave back.” Yeah right, seemed to be the majority of expressions of the passengers, but we’re having a good time so why not. Again the entire compliment of passengers started waving to the bear. In a slow trance like state the bear stood up on its hind legs and waved back. “ My God Ethel, the bears waving back!” The crew at this point, were as usual, hysterical with laughter. Now this is entertainment! At this point, the crew member took off the head part of his costume as the entire ship broke into laughter. The passengers realized they had been had but enjoyed every minute of it. It was relived and enjoyed over and over again in conversation and laughter throughout the rest of the cruise.

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