History of A Comedy Hypnotist

Comedy Hypnotist: Born from Medical Treatment

This is where comedy hypnotist and indeed the concept of hypnosis itself began: Friedrich Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), forefather of Comedy Stage Hypnotist Robert Mesmer. Not exactly. I assumed the last name as a stage hypnotist many years ago. I simply believed and still do that it was much easier to remember than my own. Whether it is comedy hypnotist, stage hypnotist or hypnotherapy the name sounds so appropriate.

As a medical treatment Mesmer believed that everyone was invested with a somewhat intangible magnetic fluid. This fluid served to maintain equilibrium which when interrupted or disturbed caused disease in human beings. This magnetic fluid was believed to be influenced by the magnetic movements of the universe.

Hypnotist - The Placebo Effect

Mesmer's techniques that seemed to be successful and so popular that thousands began visiting his clinic. Patients would hold iron rods in large buckets of water laced with powered glass and iron filings. The patients would presumably become magnetised which in turn would cure them of their ailment. There is an inkling of the placebo effect here. Mesmer’s techniques were under scrutiny by the most prominent scientists of his era. Although Mesmer had unknowingly produced the hypnotic state many times , it was actually his pupil, the Marquis Armand de Puysegur who actually discover the hypnotic trance. In 1841 Dr. James Braid, a Manchester physician, came up with the term “ Hypnosis” from the Greek word “Hypnos” meaning sleep. From Animal Magnetism to Comedy Hypnotist, now that is a journey!

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