Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper
Captain Matin Stenzel resting against  the ledge

There is no one who commands more respect, no one with more authority. His duty is to his ship, his crew and the passengers who trust him.

He offers safe passage through calm or stormy waters, this man is the Captain of the Ship.

The morning after my shows, I jumped into an elevator and headed toward the cafe, inside stood the Captain, now some may say so what? but for me ….it’s a big deal. He’s the Captain the man in charge, the big Kahuna.

I asked the Captain what I had to do to visit the bridge? He told me that the bridge tours were done for this cruise.

A couple of days later a steward came to my cabin with a letter, it was from the Captain I’d been invited to the bridge for the following day, this was unexpected and welcomed.

How great was this? being invited up for a tour. I was told there are usually 15 to 20 people per tour, yet on this day it was myself and one other couple, very cool.

A sincere thanks to Captain Stenzel and his crew for the opportunity to view the bridge aboard the Sea Princess.

Be well.

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