Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

It’s truly amazing how the actions of just one person, can have such a profound effect on so many.

While sitting in my cabin aboard the ship, I had time to contemplate and reflect upon; just how connected we are to one another.   While sailing toward Honolulu, a woman leapt from the railing into the dark choppy waters of the ocean, and took her own life.

The second she decided to let go of the railing, (and probably sooner) a chain of events was set in motion, that has, and will affect many lives.

For those not familiar with the Butterfly effect, it’s the phenomenon whereby a minute change in a complex system; can have large effects elsewhere when i.e. a butterfly in south America flaps it’s wings, and the weather changes in Toronto. (Part of the chaos theory)

There were roughly 3500 people aboard this ship who have all been affected by the actions of this one person. The largest and most tragic of them of course, are the loved ones she leaves behind; next  is the way the witness to her jumping will process the event, and moving forward, on to the fact that the ships itinerary had to be changed, due to 30 plus hours of searching in the area she jumped.

Some marine life has been displaced and polluted as this Grand class ship made turn after turn, churning up the water, displacing and sending small fish to the top layer of the water, all the while expending energy, and burning extra fuel.

This one act caused the cancelation of two of my shows, one for the crew of the ship, because of the long hours that they had spent staring into the water, the second one, was a corporate event back home in Kelowna BC.
It’s not all about me either, lets not forget all the time invested by the US coast guard, (removing them from their loved ones, etc.) as well as pulling a cargo ship into the search for several hours.

The ships passengers and her crew have all been effected in various ways,  these are simply some examples of the butterfly effect.

This incident that took place in route to Honolulu, has also affected about 100 people, in another country, over 1200 miles away, who have never met me or this woman.  This in turn will effect the moods of the people at the event who hired me, and so on.

So, I hope you will remember the butterfly effect while going about your daily lives; because the things you do, or say, can and will have an effect; that may be as far reaching as South America, and beyond.


There were a couple positive effects as a result of this butterfly phenomenon. I was able to locate; and book another entertainer in Kelowna, who otherwise would not have had  gig that night. The company thought he was pretty good, and that my being able to get an entertainer on such short notice, was amazing.

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