Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper

Gavin Hooper’s Bio

Professional Comedy Hypnotist & Corporate Entertainer

Gavin Hooper HypnotistIntroducing  Comedy Hypnotist and corporate entertainer Gavin Hooper – A true Master in the art of hypnotism. Gavin has been working in the field of hypnosis for over 28 years and is confident that he will amaze and delight his audience.  (As far as we know) Gavin is the only live performance entertainer, who offers a Money-Back Guarantee! (feel free to ask about it)

Gavin is a true Master of entertainment. A few of his comedic hypnotic specialties are corporate functions, dry grads, fundraisers, Christmas / holiday parties and other special events.

Gavin is an exhilarating comedian and a powerful corporate entertainer who has been inspiring and entertaining people for more than 28 years, he is truly a master in the field of hypnosis and entertainment.

Gavin’s understanding of people and their needs; makes him the perfect choice for your events.   Performing for corporate clients, cruise lines, college frosh, schools, state fairs and exhibitions.  Hooper is an experienced well-rounded entertainment professional that won’t disappoint.

His unique style and natural stage presence guarantees that every one of his comedy hypnosis shows will be entertaining, fun and of course clean.  Canada, USA, India, Japan, China and Mexico are just a few of the countries that have welcomed Gavin over the years and on more than one occasion.

Gavin is a Certified Hypnotist and an amazing event entertainer. Hooper uses suggestions to create a fun safe atmosphere allowing people on and off the stage to feel outstanding, create changes and giving an anything is possible feel and experience to all who attend.

Whether it’s a private hypnotherapy session or a stage hypnosis show, you can count on Gavin to get things done the right way.

Prior to this time, Hooper held strong beliefs about the black and white nature of reality, until one day he was offered the opportunity of experiencing hypnosis first hand. He accepted… and found himself fascinated by the power of his own mind! He learned his art from a master, and his talent expanded rapidly, leading to a major shift in the direction Hooper chose to build his career. To this day, his driving passion is to continue developing his own abilities, while introducing others, whether in his office or through stage-hypnosis and comedy, to the powerful abilities for positive changes they hold within themselves.

Hooper started out as a clinical hypnotist helping people through hypnotherapy sessions. Using his training in various hypnotic techniques and honed skills in building rapport he’s able to assist people with letting go of their challenges such as negative feelings, anxiety, fear to name just a few and replacing them with confidence and success. Very quickly he discovered that clients responded more readily to suggestions given in an environment of light-heartedness than in the typical “all work and no play” hypnotherapy sessions of the past. It was a short step then to carry his amazing talents from the clinic onto the stage.

It’s been said that “laughter is the best medicine”. If this is the case, Hooper has cured more than his share of participants and watchers alike! With a sense of humor that never stops and an intimate understanding of human nature, his hypnosis shows range from humorous and educational, to outright hilarious and just plain fun!

“When asked if there was any single element Gavin felt was more important to a shows success than any other?

“You bet! I truly believe to be successful you have to follow the same rules on stage as you would in life, Care, get people to Laugh, be Sincere, Never humiliate anyone, and above all else build Confidence…it can create miracles and save lives”


Gavin Hooper’s Bio

Excellent show. Highly professional. Very considerate to volunteers as to not cause embarrassment. Well done Gavin!

Cheryl Turenne

Saw Gavin do his show at the IL State Fair. He did an amazing job. We laughed the entire time and the participants were safe and funny. I would highly... read more