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Professional Comedy Hypnotist & Corporate Entertainer

Gavin Hooper Hypnotist

Introducing Comedy Hypnotist and corporate entertainer Gavin Hooper – a true master in the art of hypnotism. With over 28 years of experience, Gavin confidently promises to amaze and delight his audience. Remarkably, he is the only live performance entertainer (as far as we know) who offers a Money-Back Guarantee – feel free to ask about it!

Gavin is also highly skilled in the field of entertainment. His comedic hypnotic specialties include corporate functions, fundraisers, Christmas and holiday parties, and any other special event you can think of.

An exhilarating comedian and a fantastic corporate entertainer, Gavin has been thrilling audiences of all sizes for more than 28 years. He is truly one of the best in the field of hypnosis and entertainment. Gavin’s deep understanding of people and their needs makes him the perfect choice for your events. He has performed for corporate clients, cruise lines, colleges, schools, state fairs, and exhibitions, making him an experienced and well-rounded entertainment professional who won’t disappoint.

His unique style and natural stage presence guarantee that every one of his comedy hypnosis shows will be entertaining, fun, and clean. Canada, the USA, India, Japan, China, and Mexico are just a few of the countries that have welcomed Gavin multiple times over the years.

Gavin is a certified hypnotist and an extraordinary event entertainer. He uses positive suggestions to create a fun and safe atmosphere, allowing people on and off the stage to feel incredible. By creating changes and giving an “anything is possible” experience to all who attend, Gavin ensures a memorable and uplifting event.

Remember, The only thing keeping you from getting what you want are the things you keep telling yourself.

Whether it’s a one-on-one private hypnosis session to create positive changes or an engaging stage hypnosis show, you can count on Gavin to deliver exceptional results.

Prior to this transformative experience, Gavin Hooper held strong beliefs about the black-and-white nature of reality. However, everything changed when he was offered the chance to experience hypnosis firsthand. He accepted and was immediately fascinated by the power of his own mind. Learning from a master, Gavin quickly honed his skills, leading to a major shift in his career direction. Today, his driving passion is to continue developing his abilities while introducing others to the powerful potential for positive change they hold within themselves. Whether in his office, virtually, or through stage hypnosis and comedy, Gavin remains dedicated to helping others unlock their potential.

 Gavin Hooper’s journey began as a clinical hypnotist, dedicated to helping individuals overcome their challenges through hypnotherapy sessions. Utilizing his extensive training in various hypnotic techniques and his exceptional skill in building rapport, Gavin has successfully assisted people in letting go of negative feelings, anxiety, and fear, replacing them with confidence and success. He quickly discovered that clients responded more effectively to suggestions given in a light-hearted environment compared to traditional, serious hypnosis sessions. This realization led him to seamlessly transition his incredible talents from the clinic to the stage. Now, Gavin combines his therapeutic expertise with his natural flair for entertainment, captivating audiences and empowering individuals in a fun and engaging way.It’s often said that “laughter is the best medicine,” and if that’s the case, Gavin Hooper has been a prolific healer, delivering joy to countless participants and spectators! With an unrelenting sense of humour and a profound understanding of human nature, his hypnosis shows blend humor and education seamlessly, offering everything from hilariously entertaining moments to simple, lighthearted fun. Whether you’re looking to laugh, learn, or just have a fantastic time, Gavin’s performances guarantee an unforgettable experience. When asked if there was a single element he felt was most crucial to a show’s success, Gavin emphasizes the power of laughter and engagement in creating memorable and impactful experiences.

“I truly believe to be successful you have to follow the same rules on stage as you would in life, Care, get people to Laugh, be Sincere, Never humiliate anyone, and above all else build Confidence…it can create miracles and maybe event save lives”


Gavin Hooper’s Bio

Gavin was a fantastic act for our Staff party at The Vibrant Vine- the show was great and thoroughly engaging throughout! All of our guests really enjoyed the performance.

Jessica Pattinson

Gavin Hooper had our Grad class laughing from the start of his performance until the end. He is a great performer. Highly recommend Gavin the hypnotist!!! He puts on... read more

Kali Marshall